'With One Heart' Bar


We are proud to support Belev Echad, an organization dedicated to ensuring the wounded men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces receive the support they need to live productive and well-adjusted lives after their injuries.

Since the founding of the State of Israel, hundreds of thousands of young Jewish men and women have risked their lives and limbs to protect the Jewish people and ensure the security of the Jewish Homeland. Many of these soldiers sustain physical injuries and even more are left with emotional scars that can be equally debilitating.

Through programs which include legal and medical advocacy, educational scholarships, social and recreational events, mentors and career placement, we empower each soldier to thrive and live a life without limits.

These delicious bars are solid milk chocolate topped with crunchy 'Lotus Biscoff' cookies.   100% of the profit from the sale of these bars goes to Belev Echad to help continue their impactful work.

 These bars will ship at a flat rate of $5.

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