Cafe Chocolat's Mission

Our mission is to be a bright spot in every customer’s day by providing exceptional service and superior products in a space that feels great! The beautifully intertwined coffee and chocolate experience invites our customers in with rich aromas, welcoming smiles, and a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cafe Chocolat Coffee LatteAt Cafe Chocolat, we aspire

  • To uplift and inspire our team and customers with every interaction.
  • To encourage kindness and community first.
  • To value the experience and quality of every serving.
  • To grow consciously and purposefully with integrity, discipline and resilience.
  • To respect the process and those responsible for it. From roots to bar & cup.
  • To make the special moments unforgettable.
  • To be hospitable and leave a lasting impression in both joyous and challenging situations