Shipping Policies

We want to ensure that your chocolates are in as pristine condition upon arrival, as they are when they leave our care.
To guarantee each order arrives in perfect condition, we package our chocolate in insulated and extra padded packaging, as well as cold packs in the summer months.  We ONLY ship overnight, as this is the best way to decrease the chance of damage. While this results in higher shipping costs, it is the only way we can ensure the integrity of our product is maintained throughout the shipping process. We don’t make ANY money on shipping – all shipping costs go directly to the carrier.
We will make every effort to meet your desired delivery date, however we do not ship on weekends and we are not responsible for FedEx delays due to weather, mechanical failures, or other factors beyond their control.  If there is an expected delay for any reason, we will alert you to this at the time of your order.
Shipping during periods of extreme weather conditions will be at our discretion.
If any damage occurs during shipping, please contact us within 2 days of receiving the chocolates, along with photos of the damage both to the delivery box and the product itself.  We will work with you to resolve the problem either through a replacement box or a refund.  After 2 days of receipt, Coco Jolie considers the shipment to be delivered and accepted and no refunds or reshipments will be offered.
If you have any questions regarding shipping options, please reach out. We’re here to help!